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The Menu

If you have any allergies or intolerances, please let our staff know, we can provide our list of allergens

Too many good dishes? No problem, let the Chef choose for you and venture with our tasting menu, we just have to know your allergies and what you don't eat, the rest is up to us, SURPRISE ... everything to share.

Cold Starters

Caesar salad
Let's start strong with the queen of the house, homemade sauce, lettuce mix, toasted wheat crumble and exxxxxtra crispy chicken.
€ 8.00

Pickled cod and papadumms salad
Cod preserved in our house pickle, mixed lettuce, organic cherry tomatoes and crusty bread made from lentil flour (papadum)
€ 9.50

Goat cheese and red berries salad
Mixture of lettuce, red berries, grilled goat cheese, crunchy wheat, honey and red fruit acid ... FRESH !!
€ 8.50

Cod escabeche salad and stewed egg
Classic, mixed leaves, confit tuna with peppers and stewed egg, adding balsamic vinegar cream to top it off. (choose the point of your egg)
€ 9.50

Penne with tumaca
Fresh solution, less is more, pasta salad dressed with tumaca, cured pork bacon and its airbag.
€ 6.50

Smoked burrata, roasted pepper jam and black olive focaccia
Smoked cow burrata, roasted pepper jam and cardamom, all accompanied by a black olive focaccia bread, ready for you to make your own bite !!
€ 10.00

Hot starters

Boletus and truffle croquettes with parmesan mayonnaise
6 units of very creamy boletus croquettes with truffle aroma.
€ 7.00

Tempura coliflower and liquid lime caramel
Crispy black coliflower, garnished with tangy lime caramel.
€ 4.50

Roasted Eggplant, Goat Cheese, and Pesto
Eggplant halves roasted with herbs, creamy tomato, au gratin with honey and pecorino cheese.
€ 8.50

Crispy chicken toast
Crispy chicken tostada, and smoked cheese mix.
€ 5.00

Scrambled Bacon Truffle Toast
Ciabatta bread and creamy scrambled eggs with cured bacon and truffle aroma (2 uts)
€ 7.00

Black Arepitas, confit tuna, avocado and pork rinds
Why try to fit in if you are coming off? yes, yes, black!
€ 5.50

Steamed sandwich with cheeks and tonka bean
Gua bao dough, sous vide braised cheeks, tonka bean and quince, have you ever felt your head explode? we leave it there ..
€ 5.00

Shrimp and monkfish gyozas
6 units of steamed dumplings stuffed with prawns and monkfish, with seafood cream to liven up the dance.
€ 13.00


Sweet and sour pork and pickles
Sweet & Sour Pork Vacuum Cooked for 14 Hours Juicy Enough? Obvious
€ 10.50

Braised beef and cheddar sauce
Shredded beef, hydrated with its own stew and cheddar sauce topping.
€ 10.50


Spinach, cottage cheese and garlic béchamel
Creamy tomato base, and for the rest, well gratin.
€ 9.00

Rib cannelloni, black potato foam and caramelised MILLITO.
Telita with this one, which we have taken to our land; acilantrada rib cannelloni, black potato foam and caramelised MILLITO.
€ 12.00

 Fresh smooth pasta

Spaghetti Bolognese
Respect for simplicity, classic, without retouching
€ 8.50

Grandma's Macaroons
Those of the YAYA, flavors that remember ..
€ 8.50

Cheessssssse !!
Fusilli spirals wrapped in a mild cream cheese sauce (no blue cheese)
€ 8.50

To start with, the well-made things, based on organic eggs, guanciale and pecorino cheese, eye, intense flavor.
€ 10.00

Spicy garlic tagliatelle
Tomato and spicy sauce (habanero pepper), only suitable for those who really taste ..
€ 8.00

Prawn cream spaghetti
Mix of mushrooms, chives and cream of their heads, we could not come higher, intense.
€ 11.00

Gnochis, nut pesto and dried tomato
Beauty and the Beast, the most tender recipe with the most rogue supplement
€ 9.50

 Fresh stuffed pasta

Pear and truffle spinach ravioli
We take off our hats with this most interesting sweet / savory. Truffle, spinach and osmotic pear, madness ...
€ 11.50

Seafood ravioli and shimeji mushrooms
We sauté prawns, shimeji mushrooms, American sauce and to ease the tension we add the daikon radish sprouts on our own.
€ 13.00

Foiegrass and cottage cheese panzerotti
Half moons stuffed with foie gras pate, sage butter and two handfuls of pampering, impossible to fail ..
€ 11.50


Tortelonis with meat and goat cheese
Lightly smoked goat cheese béchamel, palm honey and arugula.
€ 12.50


Green risotto
Al pesto, zucchini al dente and starch broth.
€ 8.50

Pumpkin and truffle
Flat pumpkin and truffle risotto NO TRUMP !!
€ 8.00

Black with squid and prawns
Ink to the plate, a good remedy for severe cravings ..
€ 13.50

Risotto carbonara
Based on organic egg, guanciale and grated precorino
€ 9.50

Cod and dried tomato
With a good background of fish and leafless cod
€ 11.00

Do you need something sweet?

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